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Our process is simple. Everything begins with an Application For An Appointment. On that application, you will provide your full name and contact information. You will also provide some general details regarding the custom art you would like created. Our team will then review your application and determine which path your journey will take you through with our Studio.

Path 1: Limited Electronic Consultation Leading To A Tattoo Appointment.
Prior to crafting your custom art, sometimes our artisans may only need to collect a limited amount of information from you in addition to the information that you provided on your application. In such cases, you may be able to simply correspond with our team electronically to supply this needed information and then our team will schedule your tattoo appointment.

Path 2: Formal Consultation Leading To A Tattoo Appointment.
Whether this would be your fiftieth tattoo or it's your first time getting some ink, some situations may require a formal consultation with one of our artisans. During your consultation, we'll more thoroughly discuss what you are looking to have created, along with where on your body you'd like it placed. We'll also review logistics like approximately how long it will take to craft your work of art and how much it's likely to cost.

Whether your journey takes you on Path 1 or Path 2, our goal is to ensure that by the time you're actually sitting in one of our tattoo chairs, all of your questions have been answered and you know exactly what to expect.

Apply For An Appointment